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- 0.3.5 released (January 18, 2002)
With some fixes in input handling, mingw, added TabCompletion in console.
Files cleaned up. And i may be GCC3 compatible now :)
Just get it!

- Yanoid comes in sixth (January 15, 2002)
Yanoid gets the "honorable" sixth place in the No Starch SDL-Contest.
To read the review go to NoStarch homepage. In short they really liked the input handling and the powerups.

- Website comes online.. (December 12, 2001)
Finally our website is online :o)
We'll try to make it as attractive and useful as possible.

- YaNOID 0.3.1 released. (December 10, 2001)
Compared to 0.3.0 this includes different performance improvements, ballspeed powerups and a new "bonus" level, a bit of animation on some of the bricks. And lots of ohter fixes.

- YaNOID 0.3.0 released. (December 1, 2001)
First public release, initially released for the SDL-contest at No Starch.
Then we decided to release it to the public as well.

Mouse support

Please download from sourceforge.


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YaNOID - Introduction.

YaNOID is based on the old Arkanoid.
We know there are a lot of arkanoids out there, but we intend to make this very special by adding multiplayer, different modes and even networking.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

YaNOID is developed under GNU General Public License , please read this if you're going to use YaNOID.

Yanoid has only been tested under Linux with the Intel line of CPUs, but should build on any platform that supports the necessary tools and libs.

Yanoid uses the gnu autotools to (try to) auto configure it self, and automate the build and install procedure. Ideally the process should automatically identify any missing software, and inform about what is needed to do to be able to build yanoid. However, this procedure has been tested only for a limited number of distributions and to make it easier to correct in case of errors, the following list of requirements are given.

Yanoid is written in a combination of C++ (using STL) and Python.

* Tools

Yanoid should compile with the ordinary GNU tools. Yanoid is known to work with
- g++ version 2.96 (STL)
- ld version 2.10.91
- make version 3.79.1

* Libraries

A number of standard libraries are needed, as well as a number of libraries that could be considered non-standard.

Standard libraries include:
glibc (libc & libstdc++), pthread, dl, util, m (math), X11 & Xext. These libraries should be present in all modern Linux distributions pr. default. For some distributions you may have to install "devel" packages to be able to compile. (Eg, glibc-devel, etc).

Non-standard libraries or programs:
SDL >= 1.2.2, SDL_mixer >= 1.1, SDL_image >= 1.1, python<version > 2.0>, artsc, esd, audiofile, vorbis, smpeg, jpeg, png, z, ogg & tiff.

Please make contact using the mailinglists at SourceForge.

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